Team Shelby Scandinavia Tour 2019

Team Shelby Scandinavia Tour 2019

First of all, thank you all for taking part of history when joining us on this tour.

The plan has come together and I have so far have booked 15 rooms in each hotel.

This is the route, and by the way;

of course we will have some stops and lunch on the way every day.

We meet up in Oslo on Saturday Aug. 3rd,

where and when we meet will be decided when we now where and when Mika Kosola,

Patrick Bouthorn, Dieter Olschewski, Robert Mels, Michael J Turner and other foreigners arrives Norway.

First leg will be a 3,5 hours drive to Beitostølen where we will settle in for a nice dinner,

get to know each other and relax.

Next day we drive about 3 hours to beautiful Geiranger and the Union Hotel and Trollstigen

with some historic photoshoots of the cars and the view.

Union hotel also have a beautiful car museum innside - and pool ;) !

They have promised me that they will close off an own parking space for the cars.

After Trollstigen, we go the city of roses, Molde, to stay at the Scandic Seilet Hotel

and prepare for The Atlantic Road. The hotel is down by the sea.

The thought is that if we arrive at a reasonable time and weather is good we can head

out to The Atlantic Road and do some photoshoots and create memories from the amazing road.

If weather is not good we can stay at the hotel and relax and do The Atlantic Road the next day,

or even both days if needed to get all we want on camera.

Mika Kosola will bring his drone camera for filming during the tour.

Next stop is the amazing Ansnes Brygger for a day/night with som fabulous seafood and nature.

Also, if we like; a very exiting tour with fast rib boats they have avaliable.

Thursday morning we saddle up and head for Trondheim for the big event «Hot August Nights».

We will stay at Scandic Solsiden Hotel. They offer indoor parking. We are also going to met a reporter

from the Norwegian American Car Magazine «Amcar»,

they want to make a story with us in the magazine.

We are also invited to their head office in Trondheim for a photo shoot,

a tour in their premises and a nice lunch on the burger place they have on the roof.

There is also a parts store there; US Autoparts.

«Hot August Nights» is everything from Cars and Coffee, live bands, hundred of cars if not more,

car shows, street legal racing, cruising and a lot more, even a separate Mustang meeting


Then we all drive down to Oslo on Sunday.

If we need more time along the way for something, we will sort out that along the way.

This trip is planned for social and relaxing purpose and to make some Team Shelby history

for the future and of course thoughts for tours in the future.

I will add some more small things for the tour as were to eat and things to see and so on as

fast as I see how many we will finally be.

Hope for as many as possible so if you have any friends in your area that need to now about this,

please bring them along - but telle me :)

I will publish some more pictures about the event on Facebook as well as places to see and visit along the way.

Now to the boring stuff but important; I have as of now a reservation for 15 rooms in each hotel

and that is only valid until to the April 21st.

After that we are confirmed so I need to know for SURE how many you are and how many rooms you need!

Here are the places and prices, all rooms include breakfast.

• August 3rd - 4th Beitostølen: 795 NOK double room, add 350 NOK for single room.

August 4th - 5th: Union Hotel Geiranger. This is the expensive one,

but worth it with Trollstigen museum, pool, view and our own parking for the cars.

1435 NOK pr person in double room. Add 350 NOK for single room. If you go all in

ad 490 NOK you get the De luxe room with the big view of the fjords.

They also have Deluxe suite for 3500 NOK and Spa Suite for 5500 NOK.

August 6th - 7th: Seilet hotel Molde, single or double room 1219 NOK pr room,

under 13 years for extra bed is 200 NOK.

August 7th - 8th: Ansnes Brygger, single room 595 NOK and double room 895 NOK.

This place is run by a Mustang guy and amazing if you like seafood and nature and ocean and fast ribs.

Yes they have meat for those that doesn't like seafood. They have 30 beds in 14 rooms and apartment

with possibility forextra bed if needed.

August 8th - 11th: Trondheim Scandic solsiden per night; singe room 1490 NOK,

double room two people 1690 NOK, triple room 1790 NOK.

I will add places for lunches and stops along the way later.

Please note the deadline we have for booking!

I really hope as many of you as possible

make this historic Team Shelby event.

Thank you for all your good feedback and patients!

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Team Shelby Scandinavian Tour 2019
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Best regards

Trond Høst

Director Team Shelby Director Scandinavia.

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